About Us
Karadi Path Education Company Pvt. Ltd. is an offshoot of Karadi Tales, a pioneer in publishing audiobooks for children in India, and shares with it a legacy of passion, excellence and innovation. For the past 20 years, the organisation has been involved in researching and reinventing the way language is learnt in classrooms.

Karadi Path Education Company develops and oversees implementation of English language programmes using the learning methodology that is the enterprise's namesake. It undertakes research and development of language products expressing a keen sensitivity to educational environments and learner backgrounds.

The Karadi Path methodology is an award-winning innovation in education that has transformed the learning environment in over 4,500 schools across India. Based on this methodology, Zoomer takes an immersive learning approach derived from the processes of mother-tongue acquisition, to create an immersive English language environment at home. Zoomer's self-paced, non-linear and non-instructional approach allows children to learn English by discovery, intuition, and sensory engagement. Children derive English the same way they pick up their mother tongue or any other language from the environment.

The Karadi Path Zoomer Team

  • Preetika Venkatakrishnan
    Vice President, Product and Training
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  • Sneha Shaj
    Senior Manager, Learning Design
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  • Rajesh
    Senior Manager, Multimedia Design
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  • Ganesh Sekaran
    Project Manager
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  • Ann Lal Verghis
    Associate Editor
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  • Ajit Kumar Gouda
    Deputy Manager - Multimedia Design
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  • Nagarajendran
    Senior Multimedia Designer
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  • Sajeeda Musvee
    Product Coordination Executive
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  • Samy
    Video Editor
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Karadi Tales is an independent children's publishing house based in Chennai, India, and is dedicated to making quality picture books and audiobooks for children. The organisation aims to bring out books that are representative of Indian culture for young Indian readers. Karadi Tales audiobooks are set to beautiful soundtracks inspired by Indian ragas, and are narrated by famous Indian personalities such as Naseeruddin Shah, Jaaved Jaffrey, and Vidhya Balan to name a few. Many of Karadi Tales picture books feature art indigenous to India (such as Warli, and Gond), and have been listed in the prestigious lists such as the White Ravens list, IBBY list, and the New York Public Library list to name a few. Several international publishers have made Karadi Tales titles available in a number of different foreign editions, including Korean, Mandarin, Bahasa, German, French, Italian and Spanish.