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Top 5 reasons why Zoomer is your best opportunity for an at-home reading skills solution!
  • The perfect blend of pedagogy and technology Zoomer is the ultimate PedTech reading tool, using technology to deliver the best of pedagogical practices. With Zoomer, you can bring home the language innovation that has impacted nearly a million students in schools across India, and make the best possible use of your child's screen time.
  • Nurture your child's innate abilities Zoomer is designed to tap into your early learner's huge ability to read, and as a parent nurture this critical skill the right way.
  • Best home learning environment for your child Zoomer helps create a home learning environment for your child, and supports your child's schooling, laying the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and higher-order academic literacy.
  • Two+year boost in reading skills Zoomer trains the child in phonic, sight and predictive reading strategies, immerses them in a language-rich environment with engaging video-books brought to life by celebrity narrators allowing the child to learn the language naturally.
  • Be a part of your child's learning journey With Zoomer's Parent's Zone, you can track your child's journey as they progress from early to proficient reader.
A Zoomer
  • is a reading whiz who reads with a sharp focus and lightning speed.
  • can read above grade-level content with ease.
  • uses context cues, sight and phonic reading strategies to read aloud with confidence and comprehensibility.
  • is an eager learner with a head-start on academic excellence.