School Partners

Why Raise Readers?

Reading success is the foundation for achievement throughout the school years. In the early years, language proficiency development is especially critical for learning all subjects. Children who successfully learn to read in the early years of school are well prepared to read for learning and for pleasure in the years to come.

Raising Readers in today's fast paced technologically driven environment is a challenge for parents. Not all parents are aware of the pivotal role they can play in their child's literacy journey.

Be the school that gives their parents an opportunity to invest in their child's reading development.

Why Partner with Karadi Path?

We at Karadi Path have been Raising Readers for over 25 years now!

The Karadi Path methodology helps children learn English the same way they pick up their mother tongue - by being immersed in a language-rich environment. Children are exposed to songs, stories and functional contexts of language discovery.

Our latest innovation, Zoomer can create the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and higher-order academic literacy. A first of its kind tool, Zoomer integrates the proven Karadi Path methodology with the best of child-friendly technologies to create an intimate "listen while you read" experience.

Sensitively developed by early childhood experts, the Zoomer Reading-Kit-Plus-App model helps you provide the best scaffolding for student-centered learning.
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