Audiobooks shape your child's reading

An audiobook is perhaps the most powerful reading experience you can introduce your child to. Zoomer comprises of 6 audiobooks from Karadi Tales, India’s leading children’s publisher. The stories are splendidly narrated by celebrity voice-actors and come with a telling background score. This adds a valuable layer to the physical books, for a word that is heard first can be read effortlessly by a child! The audiobook eases your child’s engagement with higher-order stories with complex language patterns that lie just beyond the threshold of your child’s independent reading ability. It provides them as well as you with interesting models of reading-aloud, making reading immensely pleasurable. Read-aloud audiobooks aid in listening-based prediction when children begin to read by themselves. For example, if your child has heard the words “gigantic waves,” they are more likely to read them right when they encounter them in print.